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  • Neighborly Inspiration March 29, 2017
    A friend of ours recently shared this compassionate story of how she was inspired by another donor we featured, The Cheerful Giver. A friend of ours recently shared this compassionate story of how she was inspired by another donor we featured, The Cheerful Giver. It is a story of giving at its finest- when philanthropy […]
    CCCF Guest
  • The 2015 Holiday "Acts of Giving" List December 1, 2015
    ‘Tis the season for giving. The holiday season has arrived and with it comes a spotlight on giving.  Giving brings joy all year round but especially during the holidays. The holidays are a wonderful time to begin instilling a “giving spirit” in your family that will last all year long. As the Midlands’ expert in […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • Strengthen Your Heart with Giving February 26, 2015
    During the month of February, our hearts get lots of attention. Between Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month, we can’t ignore the importance of this organ. Our hearts are the center of our health, both physical and emotional. Most likely, you have seen lots of advice on how you can protect and strengthen this valuable […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • A Matchmaker for Philanthropy February 12, 2015
    What do, eHarmony and Central Carolina Community Foundation have in common?  The answer?  We are all dating sites.  Yes, believe it or not, Central Carolina Community Foundation has been a matchmaker for years.  No, we probably can’t help you find true love, but we can help you find the charitable causes you’ve dreamed of […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • 5 Reasons You Need a Will, Today January 29, 2015
    Planning is a big part of our lives.  We plan our days, our meals and our vacations.  We make plans for lunches, business meetings and birthday celebrations.  But, have we made plans for our future?  We plan our children’s lunches and their play dates but, have we made plans for their future?  Amazingly, only 44 […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • A Lesson from Luke January 8, 2015
    After spin class last Saturday, my neighbor Kevin asked my advice about making a donation.  His son Luke, who is in 2nd grade, had seen the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (APSPCA) commercials showing injured and abandoned animals and wanted to make a donation to an animal shelter.  After discussing some […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • 7 Generous Family Holiday Traditions December 17, 2014
    Traditions make this time of year extra special.  In addition to strengthening family bonds, traditions teach values and skills to your children. During the holidays, children can get wrapped up making their wish lists for Santa and dropping hints about special toys they’d like to see under the tree. This year, take time to incorporate […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • Why Do You Give? October 31, 2014
    30 years ago, several Midlands business leaders came together to form Central Carolina Community Foundation, a ‘community chest’ that would be the central resource for charitable giving in our region.  Gayle Averyt, one of the founders, told me that this group cared about the community they called home and wanted to give something back; something […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • Giving is Contagious October 3, 2014
    Did you know you can catch the “Giving Bug?”  That’s right, giving is contagious.  The more you give and, spread your passion for giving to others, the more others will give.  When you give, you create a ripple effect, spreading generosity throughout our community.  Your gifts today can inspire others to be generous tomorrow. I […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • The Impact of Simplicity September 19, 2014
    Simplicity.  Even the sound of the word makes me smile.  It is a characteristic many of us strive for but, with the demands of our fast paced lives, it can be difficult to capture.  Our schedules fill quickly with meetings and appointments.  Projects become more complex.  Our “to do list” grows every day. Yet, as […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
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