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  • Building a Community Together December 12, 2018
    Philanthropy is a powerful tool. It can transform communities and change lives.Philanthropy is a powerful tool. It can transform communities and change lives. This is why the board and staff of Central Carolina Community Foundation believe so strongly in the importance of giving back to our community. This is why we strive to ‘serve and […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • No Tricks, This Blog is Full of Treats October 15, 2018
    It’s never too early to teach the younger generation how to be philanthropic. The fall season is here, bringing with it the excitement of selecting costumes and discussions of trading candy! Just like the holiday season, Halloween is another great time to educate children on the importance of giving back.  It’s never too early to […]
  • The Power of Giving Together June 27, 2018
    “To be a philanthropist doesn't always mean to give your money. You can donate time, resources, and still have a positive effect."There has been lots to celebrate in the Midland’s philanthropic community the past few months. Our community enjoyed Giving Back: The Soul of Philanthropy Reframed and Exhibited, which debuted in Columbia, SC for the […]
  • Trade Wars? What could this mean for the markets? April 17, 2018
    There has been much in the press lately about the "Trade Wars."  The stock market plunges one day and then bounces back the next. Is there reason for concern?The Fed Weighs In For over a decade, since the financial crisis, the Fed monetary policy has been supporting growth or “accommodative”.  At the recent March meeting, […]
    Kevin Patten
  • Giving Philanthropy A Voice On The Hill April 12, 2018
    Jeff Hamond works directly with private and community foundations, and others in the philanthropic space to share the good work they are doing in local communities.             An interview with Jeff Hamond, Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates, Washington D.C.  Mr. Hamond is leading the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative, as […]
    Heather Sherwin
  • Neighborly Inspiration March 29, 2017
    A friend of ours recently shared this compassionate story of how she was inspired by another donor we featured, The Cheerful Giver. A friend of ours recently shared this compassionate story of how she was inspired by another donor we featured, The Cheerful Giver. It is a story of giving at its finest- when philanthropy […]
    CCCF Guest
  • The 2015 Holiday "Acts of Giving" List December 1, 2015
    ‘Tis the season for giving. The holiday season has arrived and with it comes a spotlight on giving.  Giving brings joy all year round but especially during the holidays. The holidays are a wonderful time to begin instilling a “giving spirit” in your family that will last all year long. As the Midlands’ expert in […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • Strengthen Your Heart with Giving February 26, 2015
    During the month of February, our hearts get lots of attention. Between Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month, we can’t ignore the importance of this organ. Our hearts are the center of our health, both physical and emotional. Most likely, you have seen lots of advice on how you can protect and strengthen this valuable […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • A Matchmaker for Philanthropy February 12, 2015
    What do, eHarmony and Central Carolina Community Foundation have in common?  The answer?  We are all dating sites.  Yes, believe it or not, Central Carolina Community Foundation has been a matchmaker for years.  No, we probably can’t help you find true love, but we can help you find the charitable causes you’ve dreamed of […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
  • 5 Reasons You Need a Will, Today January 29, 2015
    Planning is a big part of our lives.  We plan our days, our meals and our vacations.  We make plans for lunches, business meetings and birthday celebrations.  But, have we made plans for our future?  We plan our children’s lunches and their play dates but, have we made plans for their future?  Amazingly, only 44 […]
    JoAnn Turnquist
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