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  • BIPOC Leadership Training and Coaching Program April 5, 2021
    Central Carolina Community Foundation is pleased to announce the BIPOC Leadership Training and Coaching Program, a free leadership development program for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color mid-level nonprofit professionals. The program is designed to increase participants’ knowledge, skills and confidence to seek promotional opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Mid-level professionals are those who are […]
    Lee Goble
  • COVID-19 Response: One Year of Building Coalitions and Igniting Action through the One SC Fund March 30, 2021
    As we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize how the world and our community have been forever altered. While much has changed over the course of the past year, Central Carolina Community Foundation continues to work to meet the needs of the community. Nonprofits in our state have been heavily […]
    Lee Goble
  • Learning Together: Black, Indigenous and People of Color Fundraising Professionals Find Solidarity in BIPOC Book Club March 24, 2021
    In January, the Community Foundation partnered with the Association of Fundraising Professionals to host a book club for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) executive directors, development staff and board members. Each of the participants has a unique role, fundraising for nonprofits that reside in the Foundation’s 11-county service area. “The BIPOC Book Club was […]
    Lee Goble
  • Collaborating for Good March 23, 2021
    South Carolinians are unfortunately all too aware of the devastating long-term effects of hurricanes. Recovery from these vicious storms takes multiple years and a tremendous number of resources. Fortunately, South Carolina has many individuals and organizations who are committed to these recovery efforts and are willing to collaborate to achieve greater impact and quicker recovery. […]
    Lee Goble
  • The Duke Endowment Announces $1.5 Million Gift to One SC Fund: COVID-19 Response March 23, 2021
    The Duke Endowment approved $1.5 million to support South Carolinians impacted by the coronavirus crisis. This is the second gift from The Duke Endowment to the One SC Fund: COVID-19 Response, a fund housed at Central Carolina Community Foundation, bringing their total contributions to $2.75 million. The gift from The Duke Endowment is the single […]
    Lee Goble
  • Cultivating Philanthropy: Interns Share Their Experience Working in the Field of Philanthropy March 16, 2021
    Thanks to the generosity of CCCF donors, we hire talented interns who amplify the daily work of the Foundation, and, in turn, we provide them with experiences that instill in them the importance of philanthropy. The current team of interns is innovative, hardworking, team-oriented and dedicated. Through the internship program, CCCF increases the talent pool […]
    Lee Goble
  • Fairfield Forward Named 2020-2021 Catalyst Award Winner! March 10, 2021
    Congratulations to Fairfield Forward, the 2020-2021 David W. Robinson Catalyst Award winner! Founded in 1979, Fairfield Forward is a collaborative alliance of community members, leaders and agencies with a mission of providing local resources and opportunities for building a healthy community. “Fairfield Forward’s response to the pandemic, despite the many challenges faced, is admirable,” says […]
    Lee Goble
  • Scholarship Impact: Medical Scholarships Support Future Healthcare Workers February 26, 2021
    Healthcare workers have always been vital aspects of our communities, but during the current pandemic, their heroism and strength have been needed more than ever. Knowing the impact and importance of this field, the Community Foundation is proud to support donors who provide scholarships to support students pursuing degrees in the medical field. The Judith […]
    Lee Goble
  • Chapin Students Generate Ripples of Good Through Acts of Service February 16, 2021
    For nearly fifty years, Multiplying Good, a Greater Chapin Community Foundation grant recipient, has generated ripples of good by igniting and honoring public service passions. The organization serves teens ages 13-18 across South Carolina through the Students in Action (SIA) program. Through the SIA program, students learn about the issues facing their communities and develop […]
    Lee Goble
  • Making a Difference in the Lives of Students: The Impact of Scholarships February 10, 2021
    With the 2021-2022 school year quickly approaching, the thought of how to pay the increasing prices in higher education can weigh heavily on the minds of students and their families. Thankfully, with the help of generous donors in our community, the Community Foundation provides more than 175 scholarship opportunities to students. These scholarships help to […]
    Lee Goble
  • Make Your Scholarship Application Stand Out February 25, 2019
    It’s scholarship season across the country and you or a student you know may be applying for scholarships to assist with funding their future education. As the Foundation’s Program Associate, I, Jamesha Shackerford, oversee our Scholarship Program and work with donors, students, and parents to administer over 40 scholarships each year. One of the most […]
    Cherise Arrendale
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