Perspective on Parenting

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July 25, 2012 @ 2:08 pm

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The author's boys getting ready for soccer, complete with Batman tattoo.

I beat myself up about my mothering capabilities pretty often. I don’t send pictures to grandparents. I am a complete failure at baby books — wait, maybe that’s only a 70 percent failure. I make decisions I regret. I still let them watch too much TV. I raise my voice more often than I would like.

I just came from a meeting focused on creating a website for a nonprofit that shelters homeless families. As part of the program these families get a life plan as well. It’s no wonder their success rate is so high.

It’s so easy to forget how much my husband and I give our children every day. Not gifts and possessions, but stability, love, responsibility, a home. Luxuries that are beyond the reach of many families in our community. That’s a sobering thought.

I work hard to give my kids perspective on how fortunate we are. But it’s also important to remind myself of all we are doing that’s right.

There are no perfect parents. It’s an impossible, useless goal. Being a good parent is altogether different. That’s an objective that’s easy to reach and requires no fiscal investment.

My kids will one day roll their eyes at me and laugh about how it seemed like we never had anything but pizza for dinner when they were young. But I think they’ll also know that — while life certainly wasn’t perfect — we loved them with everything we had in our hearts and souls.

My parents gave me that gift. I hope I can manage to pass it along to my children as well.

Julie Smith Turner is a mother and writer-in-chief of wordsmith, a copywriting and creative services company in Columbia, SC.


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