Question of the Week: If You Could Help One

posted by Talk About Giving blog team

May 4, 2012 @ 9:00 am

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If you start poking around on the internet looking at the need in your community, it can become a little overwhelming. This week, we were thinking about families that would like to host a Charitable Birthday Party and pulled together a list of Columbia nonprofits that have wish lists of items that party attendees could bring in lieu of a typical party gift. While we at TAG live in the nonprofit world every day, seeing our list of worthy organizations representing urgent needs right here in our backyard caused us to pause. We want to help them ALL!

Well even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can’t save everyone, so we’re all going to have to consider what we care about most, how our resources can best be shared and make realistic commitments, knowing that regardless of how big or small our efforts, we will have an impact.

So if you could pick one person to help, whom would you help and why? If you could select one organization in your town to support, which would you pick?

What about your family? Find out, with the Question of the Week!

Published each Friday, use the Question of the Week to spark conversation with your children about family, money, giving and help them explore what matters most to them.


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