Question of the Week: The Many Ways to Give

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December 7, 2012 @ 8:30 am

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When you hear the word ‘give,’ what images come to mind? For some, it might be financial giving – writing a check or putting money in the offering plate at church. For others, it might be donating gently used clothing, toys and household items that you no longer need but that others could still use.

But there’s more we can give than just money and things.

How about your time? Everyone is really busy these days, especially those with kids. But spending 30 minutes visiting with a lonely elderly neighbor or delivering a meal to family facing an illness can be more valuable to those in need than money. 

How about your talents? Maybe you’re really good at something that can be of use to someone else. Like, maybe you really enjoy reading and could read with a child once a week? Or perhaps you’re a runner and you can participate in a fundraising road race for a cause you care about. Perhaps you’re a great soccer player and could help some of the kids in the neighborhood with their skills. Or, it could even be something simple, like helping a neighbor take their trash to the curb – we know a few kids that are really good at that and some neighbors that could use a little help.

Maybe your profession could be of service to others. We know some really nice attorneys that share their expertise with the nonprofit world. We also know some great marketing and PR professionals, graphic designers and writers that share their talents with others.

How about your heart? Perhaps this is the most important thing. Regardless of how you give, putting your whole heart into your efforts will mean more to those your helping than anything.

What do you and your children think? We’d love to hear about other ways your family gives! Let us know!

Published each Friday, use the Question of the Week to spark conversation with your children about family, money, giving and help them explore what matters most to them.

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