What Do Your Children Care About?

posted by Talk About Giving blog team

July 11, 2012 @ 3:40 pm

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Our primary motivation in charitable giving is rooted in making a difference. Whether it’s supporting an institution or organization that is meaningful to us personally, or taking a stand in support of a cause we believe in, the majority of people simply believe in the value of giving. Giving is intrinsically good and right.

But taking it a step further, we support that which we are passionate. And everyone’s passion is different. Throughout life we are influenced by others and our experiences and as we grow our values evolve.

In teaching our children about giving, we have a unique opportunity to help them explore their own talents and passions. By talking with our children about what they care about, we can find ways for them to make a difference while learning about a subject near and dear to them. If they care about animals, help them research the different rescue organizations or shelters and select one to share their lemonade sale profits or allowance with. If they’re interested in science look at local science museums or the planetarium and talk about their needs and ways to get involved together.

And, talents can be used for good. Your budding American Idol contestant might be the perfect entertainment for the senior citizens at a nearby retirement home. Athletes might enjoy volunteering at a charity road race and sponsoring a runner. Older children that enjoy reading might want to support the local library and help offer children’s programs.

We can lead by example in this effort by telling our children about the organizations and causes we support and WHY. Understanding the heart of your efforts will resonate with them and as they develop and have new experiences, they will be inspired by your commitment and continue to reexamine their own passions in the community.

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